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  • Removed all User Access

    I have a user who has Administrator rights on their laptop they are running Windows XP sp2. Some how the user has removed all the security settings including the domain settings. I do have password recovery tool and I do see the administrator account, and I have removed the old password but when I try to boot the laptop I get a BSOD with an error code cx000021a. What I would like to know is how can I create another user oflfline with Administrator rights, without installing another OS, I only have about 856mb of space on this hard-drive which is why I can not install a new OS is there another way to create a user account or reset the security settings, or maybe even edit the SAM.LOG or SAM file. They do the damage and I have to figure how to fix it....Only in power hungrey DC.

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    Re: Removed all User Access

    You might need to remove the HD, place it as a secondary HD on another computer, then return the permissions to the root drive. After that you might be able to boot the nachine.

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      Re: Removed all User Access

      Well, it sounds like you may have another problem besides the problem with your security being wiped. You may want to download knoppix, create a cd, boot to that, and do a backup of the critical files to a cd-burner or tape drive, or flash drive. Reinstall from scratch, and restore your files.

      Otherwise, you can plug the drive into another comp, like daniel suggested, then copy the critical files off, and reinstall.

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        Re: Removed all User Access

        Here is what I have done so far, I have gotten access to the hard drive and I can see data ( ). What I did was to add users to the root as Daniel suggested and just for added assurance I also added users security to windows folder. I added Administrator, System, Everyone and some local domain accounts, so far so good. After booting again
        I no longer get "error code cx000021a". All I get is just a blue screen with the mouse pointer, no logon screen to sign onto any ideas on how to get to the logon screen????
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          Re: Removed all User Access

          Try pressing CTRL + ALT + DEL to bring up the run dialog.

          If that doesnt work, your LogOnUi.exe (or w/e the file is called, can't remember) try HOLD CTRL +ALT then pressing DEL 2 times. It should bring you to a "Classic" login box