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Logon validation faliure

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  • Logon validation faliure

    hi friends,
    recently while installing win XP, i entered my machine name as 'Workgroup', i knew it should not have been entered, but just for fun i did.
    It didnt give me a error then, but later in the installation process, a message box popped up and said, "computer name could not be set" (i dont remember the exact wordings)..
    The rest of installation procedure went on smoothly..
    Now the problem is, i cant login to my system.. though my username and passwd are correct, it says "Username or password is invalid in the domain" (the installer kept my machine name *blank*)...
    now whats the solution??

    please help me

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    Re: Logon validation faliure

    Try logging on in Safe Mode as Administrator and see if you can change the computer name that way. Make sure you are logging onto the local machine and not onto a Domain.
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