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XP Administrator password problem

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  • XP Administrator password problem

    Hello, thanks for reading this message:
    I am running Windows XP Home ed (SP2). On an HP Pavilion laptop.
    Someone (my wife) decided to click on a "Spyspotter" pop-up add. She then installed some software, the software did a scan on the harddrive and apparently found a ton of spyware, and for $40, they would remove it. When she refused, the software maliciously corrupted my XP users, including the Admistrator user.

    I've tried to reset the admin password with the program found here:

    The script starts out fine, once I get the SAM Hive loaded, I try to do a password reset. The message returned is something like:
    No users found at RFID 0x10, Do you want to try the Adminstrator user.

    When I hit return to reset the Administrator password, the script says: can't find the Administrator user.

    I then tried to do a Windows XP repair using the original XP disk, but It did not fix the problem. It looks like the Windows XP repair does not touch the user profiles...

    My question is: using the first script I tried, there was an option for registry editor... can anyone tell me how I would go about using the tool mentioned above, to navigate to the user profiles in the registry to see if the Administrator user is there, and if it is corrupted, to rebuild it...

    I do not have any access to a command prompt, nor, the desktop, nor any other tools. My only option is to boot from a disk and execute all my commands from the boot disk...

    Thanks in advance for any help I receive.


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    Re: XP Administrator password problem

    Don't mean to reply to my own message, but it appears that the virus deleted the user from xp, My documents, Desktop, etc are gone.

    I pulled the hard drive out of the laptop and set it up as a slave to my desktop and found that the user was gone from the drive.

    I am now trying RecoverMyFiles to see if I can get back at least my wife's Thesis.


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      Re: XP Administrator password problem

      There is no problem replying to your own message. Not good what happened but to try and prevent a disaster in the future amke sure you anti-virus is up to date. If your wife is at school/college or university, often they have a license agreement that allows the student to have (or purchase cheaply) a copy of the anti-virus program that is used in the educational institute.
      It is also very important to have a backup copy of ANY important document stored away from the originating machine. Being a paranoid sod, I will make 3 copies of important document and store them all in different locations and formats. (4 copies of financial records). This is in addition to the original copy on the machine that is was created on.

      If you have problems recovering the document post back here and we will see if we can assist with that process.
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        Re: XP Administrator password problem

        Well, RecoverMyFiles, did manage to correctly recover 2 out of the 5 word docs that comprised of my wife's thesis. All she cared about was getting those 5 files back. Fortunately, I did have copies of all of her files on a USB memory stick which was 2 weeks old, I also took a back up of her files about 2 months ago. So the net of it was she lost about 2 weeks of her work.

        I think RecoverMyFiles would have worked better If I had not tried to do an XP repair first. Hopefully, if anyone else has this problem, they will try a file recovery before an XP repair.


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          Re: XP Administrator password problem

          sorry u had that problem, but i am glad to see i am not the only one with this problem ....if u can help with mine please help ...i do not have a reboot disc...........or a floppy drive ,this is a laptop