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  • Admin Password Win XP

    I have read the various articles and cannot boot in Safe Mode. I have used Peter Nordhal Hagen software to create a boot disk to change the admin password or to "Blank it". I get all the way through it and get a message at the end after it says the changes have been made that says can't change hash job control not on. I restart and when I try to login to Win XP under Administrator it tells me that I can't login because of restrictions.

    I have also read the FAQ on the authors site for this software and followed the steps listed on the FAQ similar to the problems that I experienced when using the boot disk.

    I am running Win XP Home Edition. My daughter has created a user account with Administrator Authority and created a password that she has forgotten. When I CTL-ALT-DEL twice I get to the standard windows login and it comes up default to Owner. I change from Owner to Administrator and hit OK. It is at this time that I get the error message that says can't login because of restrictions on the computer.

    Can anyone help me with this problem?

    Thank You
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