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Default Administrator's Password

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  • Default Administrator's Password

    I just upgraded my processor and motherboard in my computer and my operating system is not booting. I inserted the Windows XP Pro cd to boot from it and when I try to repair the OS it prompts me for the administrator's password. I was the only user before the upgrade and I've tried every password I used. Does anyone know what the default administrator's password is or anything i could do to save my files? I'd really prefer to not have to re-install over the current system. I do have a spare hd so I have considered installing windows to it and copying files over but I wanted to see if anyone else could help. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Default Administrator's Password

    Hi ken adams,

    Please read this article from Petri to reset your Windows password. There are many of them. The one that I've been using most of the time is "Offline NT Password & Registry Editor (v050303)". The software is very self-instructed. Please let me know how it goes for you.