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XP Administrator password - not recognised

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  • XP Administrator password - not recognised

    Just to be clever, I created an Administrator password on my Windows XP system yesterday so as to restrict my grandsons' access - I want them to go out and play rather than sitting in front of the PC. To my horror, this morning I entered the password and it was 'rejected'. I've been trying to fathom out the problem all day.
    I live in Belgium, use an English version of Win XP however, my keyboard is Belgian (AZERTY).
    It finally dawned on me that prior to the Windows start up, the keyboard is not yet configured and therefore the default (QWERTY) is active by default (being an English Win XP).
    Consequently, I had to login to Windows typing my password using the (QWERTY) keys on my AZERTY keyboard. Bingo!!!!
    I'm not really computer literate but I'm pleased that the grey matter (under my bald head) is still working.

    I've now removed the password!

    I'm posting this in case someone else encounters the same problem.

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    Re: XP Administrator password - not recognised

    Thanks for posting that and well done on nutting (sorting) out the problem yourself. There is hope for me yet.
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