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How to find Internet Explorer password for different website's you saved

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  • How to find Internet Explorer password for different website's you saved

    Microsoft Internet Explorer supports password caching for each of the websites you log on to, through its web browser. In other words, Internet Explorer can save user names and passwords for each website that is password protected, so that, next time, you need not type (or even remember) the password for the specific account in the password protected website. But consider a situation when you forget the username, itself. The problem can turn out to be critical if the username, that you cannot recall is of an important website account. Such situations most often necessitate you to get aid from a Password Recovery Software.

    Internet Explorer stores the credentials (user names and passwords) of all websites you login to, in Microsoft Protected Storage as a set of registry keys. So with each entry of a new username and password for any website, forum or blog, Windows creates a unique registry key to store the login details.

    Disabling password caching eliminates the risks of privacy loss and data stealing, but it also raises chances of losing and forgetting the passwords. Sometimes it becomes vital to disable the caching, especially when you clean your computer or don't want your personal data to be revealed to other users.

    Consider an instance when you login to your Gmail account using Internet Explorer. You didn't access this account for a long time and at next attempt of logging you find it difficult to remember the user name. You try hard to recall but unfortunately with no luck. Since the account holds many of the important e-mails, this becomes necessary for you to Recover Windows Password. Similar are the situations when a third-party password recovery tool can help.

    There are various Password Recovery Software available that can restore the lost set of usernames that you have ever used to log in Internet Explorer. Providing advanced recovery capabilities, these utilities are also competent in restoring other Windows passwords. One can install and use these utilities with great ease and comfort because of their interactive design.