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Win Server 2003 Cannot login as Network 'Administrator' account

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  • Win Server 2003 Cannot login as Network 'Administrator' account

    I just rebuilt this server and can get in as another Domain Admin user, but cannot login with Domain Administrator account called Administrator.
    OS is Windows Server 2003 & its a Dell Poweredge.
    I can ping it but cannot login from remote - only on console with my own id (domain admin).

    Please advice.
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    Re: Win Server 2003 Cannot login as Network 'Administrator' account

    Does the Domain Administrator account, Administrator, have a password? If no password, no RDP access.

    If you have 2 Remote Consoles active/open, then you cannot open a third connection. Connect with an account that does give you Remote Access and LOG OFF. Alternatively, go into Task Manager, Users and either Logoff or Disconnect a non active User. The try to logon with the Administrator account.

    If this is a Production Server, I would suggest renaming the Administrator Account to something else to make it harder to hack. Alternatively you could create an administrator account and Disable the builtin Administrator one. Think SAFE!!

    Either way, do NOT forget the new/different Admin Account OR the password.
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