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Used every method possible but still cant recover admin pw

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  • Used every method possible but still cant recover admin pw

    I recently downloaded a tweak for xp pro from I set the user config so it doesnt have a login or anything, rebooted and now get a administrator pw request. There never was a pw for this pc, and i have tried every method on this site. I have read countless threads, spanned the entire web looking for an answer, but always come up short.

    Hopefully someone can perform a miracle..................

    Thanks in advance

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    Change Administrator password

    I have (on both of my workstations - W2k & XP ) another user that has administrative privileges. I logged into my machine with the other account and went to Control Panel | Administrative Tools | Computer Management | Local Users and Groups | Users | Right clicked on Administrator and chose to set the password. This could be an option. I was told years ago that not using the administrator account was good while surfing, and to create another user with admin privileges to do most of the work of an Admin....and surf with a non admin account.