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Win 2000 admin account problem

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  • Win 2000 admin account problem

    Hope someone can help with this one...

    Win 2K pro pc was in a domain, policies changed administrator acc name to adminalt. Pc was changed to workgroup BIG problems.

    Admin account password not working so guess thats wrong, have guest account access but can not do anything with it.

    Linux boot method
    Ran several utilities listed they showed admin account name as adminalt and guest account, reset adminalt password to 1234 - logon fails. If password change left blank programs say no changes have been made nothing to save, on win logon blank password fails. (password blank = no changes have been made even after utility used to change password to 1234)

    Logon.scr method
    When running user acc gui error "The following error occured while attempting to read the properties for the user Administrator"

    From cmd (logon.scr)
    net user administrator 123456 user not found
    net user adminalt 123456 system error 1359. An internal error occurred.

    So any ideas???

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    Well that was an 8hr pain but it is sorted now, I ran the recovery cosole on the 2K CD. I then re ran the Petter Nordahl-Hagen's Offline NT Password & Registry Editor, it now had an extra warning about syskey and the option to de-activate it, but recommended that it is not deactivated. "Can not be reactivated on win2000" Changed Adminalt password and success!! Logged on and created a backup Admin acc.

    All i can think is the Syskey settings were preventing the file from changing and the recovery console fixed it, but not sure.

    Now i am going to look around this site and find new ways to mess up my PC

    If its working its no fun


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      Thanks for sharing :P

      Daniel Petri
      Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services