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Cannot logon with Local Admin Password

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  • Cannot logon with Local Admin Password

    I got a call yesterday from a customer I hadn't heard from in a year. He's an estate agent and broke because of the recession here. The result is I haven't done any maintenance on his server in over a year.

    The server is SBS 2003, I think it's running SP1 but not sure since I can't log on. The AD Admin password was already known to me but I can't log on using it. It appears to have been changed but he swears no-one has been anywhere near it since the last time I was there. I am familiar with the process listed in Daniel's article having used it a couple of times previously. Therefore, I then tried logging on in DSR mode as local Admin but that password (also known) is not working either AND I have no option to log on to the local machine, neither in Safe, DSR or Normal modes i.e. the dropdown is not showing.

    Then used Offline NT Password & Registry Editor to blank the local password, knowing it was likely pointless since I can't get access to a local admin account to log on. I was right, of course.

    So, my question is, how does one go about getting into this server? AD password is unknown/not working and the local account seems to be prevented from logging on?

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    Re: Cannot logon with Local Admin Password

    Solved using Passware software. Expensive but worth it.
    Machine was hacked. Local logon disabled and all passwords changed.