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  • Forgot Administrator Password

    Hi everyone first time on here. Got a major problem. Connected up a PC I've not used in ages for my young son to use. Trouble is I have forgot the Administrator password. Even the password hint has totally foxed me. There are a couple of other users on there that I know the password for but I need to get on the Admin one as I want to connect to Wireless and am not able to do it on the others. Is it possible to retrieve the password, I would doubt it would be easy or else what is the point in having a password!! If anyone has any ideas I would be extremely helpful so long as its not really technical as am useless at that sort of stuff. Thank you in anticipation.

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    Re: Forgot Administrator Password

    Hi there,

    try booting the machine in safe mode (hope this is xp machine) and click on administrator and check if you are prompted for password or not ?

    if not - then go to control panel and then reset the password and also create a new admin acocunt.

    if yes - then you'll have to use third party tools to crack the password .....


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      Re: Forgot Administrator Password

      Why was this thread started in the Office Forum instead of the Forgot Administrator Password forum?

      Thread moved to correct location.
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