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help help:cry: help help help help helphelp

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  • help help:cry: help help help help helphelp

    i have a lap top its a IBM ThinkPad a Windows 2000pro Windows 98 every day when i would turn the computer on it would say Log on to Windows and it showed a area to type in your user name and password user was the name and all i had to do is press ok or press enter so one day i said i am going to make a username and password so i did then i relized that the songs on itunes that were on the origanal user name ( user) werent there so i deleated that screen name and then i tried to log onthe user ( and i remeber i changed the p word to that ) but when i type the password what it does is a pop up comes up and say " Your Account has veen disabeld. Please See your system Administrator." what does that mean what am i saposto do how can i get back on the computer

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    Please use a better Subject in future posts. Second, punctuation is NOT forbidden on this board.

    Are you running Windows 2000 Pro or Windows 98?
    Do you logon to a domain?
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      Got to be the worst subject title i've seen yet!
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        I think it's rather good. Very informative, makes you want to read and cry.

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