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Want to find the admin password on hard drive

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  • Want to find the admin password on hard drive

    I have forgotten the login password for my win2000 machine disabling me from logging on. I have pulled the hard drive and slaved it to another machine to gain access to the file system. Is the administrator password located somewhere on that drive where i can find out what the password is?



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    Finding the password.

    You can either FIND the password or you can just change it to be a blank password. Read the following:

    There is a service that you can send a file off to, and they will respond in a while for FREE with the password. They will respond IMMEDIATELY if you pay them.

    The other methods are good for changing the password to be blank. I have successfully used methods 1, 4, and 5.

    You will have to put the hard drive back where it came from. The file you are searching for is encrypted anyway, so searching for it manually won't do you much good.

    Good luck.
    Rex Derby