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Administrator lost rights after password reset NT Server 4.0

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  • Administrator lost rights after password reset NT Server 4.0

    Hi all,

    I've scoured the web to fix this problem, with limited success so have no choice but to turn to the newsgroups. This is a topic thats been covered here already, but with a few specific facts that haven't.

    I have an NT server machine that was taken out of its domain and put into a workgroup. Unfortunately the local admin password wasn't what it should have been. All the accounts were locked bar the IUSR_ account, and I managed to get in with that using a linux floppy. It reset all the passwords like it said it would, but was not able to unlock the accounts despite saying it had. I then tried CIA Commander, and this unlocked the Admin password. Whehay I thought, only to then discover that although I was in as the Admin, I had barely more rights than IUSR_. I've tried the logon.scr trick and although it worked in loading up either USRMGR or CMD.EXE I still couldn't do anything in there.

    My question then, is how to a) create a new admin account or b) restore this admin account back to its full status. By that I just want to be able to either access USRMGR and be able to change stuff in it, or change Workgroup/Domain options in TCP/IP properties (greyed out atm) which would let me force it back into the domain. I can put the hard drive in another machine if necessary to rename files etc, or I could install another version of NT Server on the other partition on the machine in question. I need what is on the HDD, so reformatting is not an option.

    Any help will be most appreciated.


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    Hi, me again.

    I've been looking around some more and it looks like deleting (or better yet) renaming the sam file might do the trick. I'm not sure how destructive this might be though - will it remove all users, and if so, would they be retrievable at all? And what will happen if I do that - will a 'new' file be created on boot?



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      Deleting the SAM will cause you to loose all your users, groups and since all permissions and user rights are referenced by the user's and group's SIDs, you will also loose these.

      But on the other hand it will create a new administrator, guset, and default groups.

      Do it only as a last resort.

      Daniel Petri
      Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services