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recovery console problem: do not know admin password

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  • recovery console problem: do not know admin password

    I am running windows xp pro on a laptop. i have a system32 error on boot, and cannot get on my computer. There is data i would like to recover off the drive, and I am trying to use the recovery console to fix the boot error. however, i guess i don't know my administrator password. I thought i knew it, but i don't, because every password that i've ever used will not work on the recovery console. can anyone give me any advice on this problem? i have read all of the links in the sticky note, and i'm not sure if any of them apply to my problem. any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated. thank you.

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    additional info

    I have discovered that this is a known problem with the recovery console, it has to do with the oem preparation of the laptop. when sysprep is used, it changes the way passwords work with recovery console for some reason. microsoft says if you use the 6 floppy boot disk set with service pack 1, it will eliminate this problem. however, this laptop does not have a floppy drive. does anyone know of any solutions to this? can i get the boot disk set on a cd instead of 6 floppies for service pack one? again, thank you for any help with this problem.


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      How about trying to reset the password to be blank?

      Read the following:

      I've successfully used methods 1, 4, and 5.
      Rex Derby