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  • Locked out in Safe Mode

    Hi, I've got an XP Pro machine on a Win2k3 domain which was showing some signs of malware infection. I had a helper scanning it with Malwarebytes for cleanup. He set the Boot.ini via msconfig to boot in safe mode in order to do a more complete scan. However, none of the normal passwords work on the machine. I usually always have a default local admin with one of 2-3 admin passwords I use but none of those are working. I've tried using the EBCD but that has not yielded any results. The NT password reset simply hangs on startup. I could re-image the machine but it is a shared public machine used by general faculty at my school and I don't want to do that unless I have to. I've read through the forum and all of what I've seen isn't exactly my situation (unless I'm missing it). I guess I'm just looking for a suggestion of what to try next? Install another OS? Purchase the Spotmau app? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Jeff

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    Re: Locked out in Safe Mode

    Hang on... I just found something on the forum about a similar situ. I'll try removing the drive and mounting as a slave HD. then editing the boot.ini file. I'll follow up with my results. Jeff


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      Re: Locked out in Safe Mode

      Well, that did the trick. REmoving the drive and setting it up as a slave on another system allowed me to edit the boot.ini file. Worked like a charm. Guess I posted just a bit too early. Thanks for this resource. It saved me a lot of time. Jeff


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        Re: Locked out in Safe Mode

        Thanks for posting back - well done!
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