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Lost Administrator password on Windows 2003 SBS server

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  • Lost Administrator password on Windows 2003 SBS server

    Hello all,
    I'm new on this forum. I've read the previous threads about changing admin's password on 2003 a Domain controller.
    My situation is this: 2003 SBS server SP1 - No domain admin password - No local admin password - previous IT manager was fired and leave the wrong password.
    In order to solve this problem, before trying to act on the production server, I'm now trying to reset the password on a fresh installation on VPC 2007.
    I've already used the Petter Nordahl-Hagen boot cd to reset the local admin password. When I choose to boot in Active Directory Restore Mode, the new password doesn't work (I can only logon with the correct AD admin password).
    After few attempts I've found this link: in which they explain that in 2003 SBS the AD-Restore password is linked to AD-password (not to local admin password). So my new password is not good to logon in AD-Restore mode.
    Is this correct ? Anyone knows a workaround to solve this problem ?
    Hope somebody could help me.

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    Re: Lost Administrator password on Windows 2003 SBS server

    Originally posted by tch_info View Post
    No local admin password
    No local admins - it's a domain controller. No local user accounts.
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