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Locked out of Admin User

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  • Locked out of Admin User

    I am running XP Media Center, and inadvertenly installed Netware Client services. This disabled fast switching, and presented me with login prompt at start up. I have 2 accounts, an admin and a limited user.

    To correct the above I ran control userpasswords2, and clicked to skip the login prompt. Unfortunately, the limited user now logs on, and I cant get back to the admin account. If I return to control userpasswords2 and try to access with the admin account, I get rejected. Oddly, I can unlock the limited users windows with the admin account.

    I installed the NT Offline Password tool, ran it and noticed the admin account was locked out.. I unlocked it and blanked out the password (dont know how there ever was one). The utility said it wrote the changes back to SAM file.

    However, I still cant access the admin account. Is there a way to restore the login prompt (CTRL ALT DELETE X 2 does nothing) . Going to Safe mode there is no access to login prompt....Going to safe mode w/ cmd prompt I could not change users.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: Locked out of Admin User

    Resolved: It appears that the NT Password utility did in fact blank out the password.
    The trouble was getting to a proper log in prompt that would allow a blank password (runas wont take a blank, and it appears that control passwords2 wouldnt take a blank either).
    At any rate, I read somewhere holding the shift key while rebooting will bring up a proper login screen. That worked, and it took the blank.

    Is this normal XP behavior: ie accounts with blank passwords can only be accessed from a proper login prompt ( a security feature to extend the idea that blank accounts cant re accessed remotely.) Or is there something wrong with this box?

    BTW, thanks for the great information available here!


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      Re: Locked out of Admin User

      How do you define "proper login screen"? Do you mean the box that prompts you to enter a username and password, rather than the welcome screen?

      You can reach the classic logon interface from the welcome screen on Windows XP by pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del twice.

      You can logon to accounts with no password from the welcome screen on Windows XP.
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        Re: Locked out of Admin User

        By proper login screen I mean the classic login prompt presented at login, but not the prompt presented when adding hardware to a limited account, or the prompt presented at control userpasswords2 (These I think are prompts to give you temporary rights to perform a single task. And before I forget, do these by design not accept blank passwords?)

        (I read scores of articles saying to hit CTRL ALT DELETE X 2 from the welcome screen to get to the classic login prompt. The issue is, when you turn fast switching off, there is a choice to remove the welcome screen as well, and if you do that then that avenue to the log in prompt is gone.

        So to repeat the unfortunate combination:
        1) remove fast switching and the welcome screen (in my case installing NetWare Client services disabled fastswitching and welcome screen,, you can do it yourself in User Acounts)
        2) have windows log in the limited user with the login info -->in control userpasswords2

        Other than the welcome screen, how else can you get at the classic login prompt to log in as Admin?