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Old passwords not working.

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  • Old passwords not working.

    Ciao Belle,

    come tallez you? Che Pazzo!

    I have an older Emachine with Win 2000 Pro on it. It has two CD-rom drives and a floppy drive. When I turn it on, it boots to the login screen. The passwords we used several weeks ago to get in have stopped working. None of the passwords I had stored under the persons contact file are any good now.

    I have to computers. My newest one does not have a floppy drive. My backup has one, but it is broken.

    I tried several CD-ROM boot utilities in the E-machine. The computer boots up, looks at both CD-ROMS, and after about 10 seconds decides there is no CD-ROM in either one. Then it moves to the hard drive boots, and locks at the login screen.

    I tried the CD-roms in my newer HP quad core, and they work perfectly. The computer sees them, boots to them and then I can find passwords, and other important things.

    I cannot figure out how to do anything with this E_machine. I would even be willing to format it and start over, but I can't get to the desktop.

    Someone suggested "remove the CMOS battery." Would that help?

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    Re: Old passwords not working.

    Please do NOT hijack another member's thread. Always strat a new one for your problem, certainally in your case since you are running Windows 2000 and the thread where you posted was about Vista.

    Have you tried any of the possible solutions listed here?
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