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username/password changed

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  • username/password changed


    This is what happened:
    I was busy on my father's working laptop trying to connect it to my network. I had to change the workgroup and stuff, so I messed a little bit with it. When
    I tried to log on again, it seems I accidentially changed the username and or password. I think it happened while using the Network ID wizard.
    Now I tried the loginrecovery tool by burning the iso on a CD, but when I test it on my pc, nothing happens.

    Any suggestions on how I can fix this, or on how to fix the main prob maybe?
    It's pretty urgent, because if can't fix it, I will have to trovel from Belgium to Sweden to repair it in the company :s. So I would be very happy with every advice you have.

    Thx in advance

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    How about starting with some info. What OS are we talking about? What exactly did you mess around with? What error are you getting? Add any info you may think will help us in trying to help you.

    Daniel Petri
    Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services


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      OS: win xp pro
      I think I have almost the same problem as described here:

      I think I have changed the domain, or somehow changed the username while messing around with the network settings. But changing the username is quite impossible I think. I didn't even get a confirmation window for it. So I think I can't login because I changed the domain, where it is configured for.

      The errormessage I get is just that the password is incorrect and that I must log on with the correct username and pass. I must say, that before I rebooted it said that I must give in the right password for the user \\domain\username.

      2 morrow I'm going to contact the technical service of the company and try to get the administrator pass, and ask them to reconfigure the network settings. If they can't help me, well I'm in deep shit


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        I found this this morning
        Can't logon after removing the domain

        I have a windows 2000 professional laptop workstation. I used to belong to a domain on my network, but I recently
        changed by network settings to belong to a workgroup. Once I restarted my machine, it won't let me log into windows 2000 at all! The error says wrong user name or domain. For some reason, I think it's trying to access the domain - even though I don't belong to it anymore. Even when I'm not connected to the network, I cannot log into windows 2000 at all. How can I get into windows 2000? How can I change this?!

        A: After changing the domain to a workgroup, only the member of local administrators can logon the computer. the resolutions: 1. logon the local administrator to local computer and add the users. 2. If you don't have the administrator password, you may need your network administrator to help you.
        That's exactly what I did. So let's hope the network admin can help me.