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  • i'm in a pickle

    Ok here we go:

    I bought a computer from a friend for 50$ because he forgot the admin password or username/password. I get the laptop and I open it up and try and work the magic i pride myself on. 3 hours go by and nothing. Here are the details of my situation. It's a compaq Evo n610c. When I boot the intro screen comes up and has 3 options i can choose from: ctrl+s for setup options, f10 for rom based setup, and f12 for network service boot.

    I press ctrl+s and I get the "Intel(R) Boot Agent FE v4.1.09 Setup Menu". In this menu I have 5 different things i can change: Network Boot Protocol, Boot Order, Show Setup Prompt, Setup Menu Wait Time, and Legacy OS Wakeup Support. Under the Network Boot Protocol I can shoose from "RPL (Remote Program Load)", and "PXE (Preboot eXecution Evnironment)". Under Boot Order the only option I have is "Use BIOS Setup Boot Order". Under Show Setup Prompt I have "enabled" and "disabled". Under Setup Menu Wait time I have 0,2,3, and 5 seconds. and finally under Legacy OS Wakeup Support I have "enabled" and "disabled".

    I press f10 for rom based setup and get the "Administrator Password" screen which i don't have.

    I press f12 and I get to the "hardware profile/configuration recovery menu: This menu allows you to select a hardware profile to be used when windows is started. If your system is not starting correctly, then you may switch to a previous system configuration, which may overcome startup problems. IMPORTANT: System configuration changes made since the last successful startup will be discarded." then I have 2 options "LAN / NIC" and "Modem Only" Both of which take me to the login screen which I have neither a user name/password.

    Ok so what I want to do is factory reboot/wipe the computer. There is only a cd-rom (no floppy drive) and I don't have a boot cd to boot with anyway. Also there is no option to "boot from cd drive" anywhere that I can see and belive me I have looked. Anyhelp would be much appreciated.

    P.S. I'm new nice to meet yall

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    A bootable CD is not the problem. First you need to set your computer to boot from CD. I'm guessing this is the default, so perhaps you should try. Get yourself a (*legal*) copy of Windows XP/2000/2003 and try starting the computer while the CD is inside.

    Daniel Petri
    Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services


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      ty i'll give this a try


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        You could also get a copy of any Linux distro. Since Linux is free that would be able to show how well your computer is working before spending money on it. Just download an iso file from