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Need Admin password, no FDD or CD Drive [Was: Any ideas on this situation?????]

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  • Need Admin password, no FDD or CD Drive [Was: Any ideas on this situation?????]

    My wife has an older Toshiba Protege notebook (nice small little unit) running WINXP Pro SP2. We hadn't used it much lately, but now we don't have corp laptops (no jobs) we need it.

    At one point she was a consultant and so it was configured with a lot of domain networking options which she wanted to get rid of. I (in retrospect quite stupidly) changed this to a home/workgroup situation. I did this from our a user with administrator rights that we always used. I also changed the name of the computer at her request. Well, I guess I should have thought of this, but now the password for this user won't work. Long ago I forgot whatever password there was for the Administrator. There is (obviously) no domain option on the login box to change back to get in.

    So we are locked out of any admin level user. I DO have access to a limited user name that we sometimes used. For a number of reasons we want to be able to get back into an admin level user.

    I tried a number of the tricks. Given the lack of access rights though, I can not mkdir or anything like that from the cmd. I also looked at a number of the programs that reset/change/nuke the admin password. A lot of them cost $50 which is a slight problem. The bigger problem is that the Protege does not have a built in FDD or CDROM. THe USB CDROM we have does not appear to function (it registers in explorer but inserting any disk only makes it's activity light cycle from green to orange and the computer never is able to read the disk). There is no option in the BIOS to get it to boot off of a usb flash drive. I even tried to install VFD (virtual floppy disk) bit it won't install with the limited users rights.

    One last angle which may be an answer. The day before I changed the domain/workgroup option we had malware issues. I was trying to get rid of them and per some instructions switched off system restore. This was BEFORE I made the domain/workgroup change. While my wife never backedup her computer (sigh...) is there a way to get the computer to restore off of the last restore image (not sure of the terminology)????? This would set me back in terms of the virus but get me back into the admin level user (I think). Ideas on this?

    Or are there any other ideas given the situation? Maybe I am not thinking this through. And I am not super technical - for instance is there someway that I can get into cmd-dos BEFORE windows security kicks in? Probably not as this would be an easy way to hack into a locked computer. T

    hanks for reading and I would love to hear any ideas!!!!

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    Re: Any ideas on this situation?????

    Have yu tried any of the options at this link?
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      Re: Any ideas on this situation?????

      I DID look into all the solutions on that page. If I read it correctly only the first one would work: Forgot the Administrator's Password?: Because I am running WINXP. And all of those solutions would appear to create a bootable CD-ROM or FDD. As I stated the machine has no built in CD-ROM or FDD. The USB-CD also does not appear to function. So any short term solution would require another work around. I may have to buy another CD-ROM but the machine requires a proprietary one and there aren't so many out there but that's what it might take. As stated, if anyone has any ideas that would work given the situation I explained I would love to hear them. Thanks JSM


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        Re: Any ideas on this situation?????

        If you have a second machine, you could "slave" the laptop hard drive to it using a simple SATA/IDE to USB connector. Of course, those cost a few $'s and those might be a few too many $'s for you ($20 to $30, not including shipping). However, once slaved you could make a totally copy of the hard drive (drag 'n' drop will do) before you then try to apply some kind of password reset tool to the accounts database on the slaved laptop hard drive.

        Just a thought.
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