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Upgraded Router = Disaster

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  • Upgraded Router = Disaster

    When I upgraded from Linksys G router to G w/ SRX my laptop wouldn't print on the home network pinter that still worked for the other two computers on the network.

    In all the "help" I got, somehow my laptop was no longer on my home network ("home") but assigned to its own ("MShome"). I was told by Microsoft to manually change it from MShome to Home and reboot. When I did, it would not go to the desktop but asked for a password. The username showed as "swilson" (me) and every possible password I've ever used does not work. Now, I cannot get into ANYTHING!

    I use this machine at work on a network (where swilson is my logon) but none of those passwords work, either, and I NEVER remember setting a password just to log onto Windows XP...and I have never been asked for any password to get straight to the desktop, ever.

    Any ideas??? P_L_E_A_S_E???