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Forgot the Vista Administrator's password?

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  • Forgot the Vista Administrator's password?

    Hi Daniel,

    I am NOT a computer guru in the least. I am the admin/mommy user account on her dell laptop. I thought I was being computer savy by creating the admin account and setting up parental controls! But the worst thing happened when the system asked me to change my password. I did and now it will not allow me access to anything. I have tried to startup in safe mode and change the password, but it prompts me for the parental control password. So, it does not allow the change, becuase I can't recall the correct password... I have read your information, but it seems extreamly hard for someone that can turn a computer ON and OFF and thats about it! PLEASE HELP! My daughter has a large homework assignment and cannot use the computer.

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    Re: Forgot the Vista Administrator's password?

    Hi, if you have read the instructions at both the above links and find them too difficult then I would suggest you take your laptop to a computer shop and ask them to use the same instructions to remove the password. Depending on the age of you daughter, see if she has a computer savvy friend who can follow the instructions at the above links. (The instructions aren't hard. You just need to follow them step by step)

    DO NOT let them reinstall the operating system (or use the Recovery Partition) on your laptop or you will lose all your data.

    For future reference, put a copy of the password in a secure location so if you forget it again you will have a written copy AND make sure your daughter BACKS UP her assignments onto a USB stick or USB HDD or CD or CDRW or DVDRW so she can take the backup to another computer and finish it there if necessary.
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