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Big Logon Problem

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  • Big Logon Problem

    My logon was working fine until I downloaded MS dot net. My logon was set to automatic (only myself to use it) without using the Ctl-Alt-Del. Now it will not recognize that logon. I then went to the Admin logon name and PW. I know they are correct but the msg box that comes up says...local policy on this computer does not permit you to logon interactively... Any suggestions on how to correct this? I have set up another disk and a different computer with the same OS (Win 2000 pro) and I can see the original drive with the problem. But I cannot examine the registry of that drive because the current drive registry comes up. Further I cannot change the user policy on the orginal drive because I don't know where to find it. In Control Panel the current one always shows up. I have exhausted my knowledge base on this and need some help.