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Domain name changed to workgroup, cannot log in to laptop

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  • Domain name changed to workgroup, cannot log in to laptop

    Hello. This topic is eerily similar to a closed thread where a person was trying to get back into a laptop from their former employer and did not have the password. It was closed as it was deemed suspicious. Unfortunately, I am in somewhat of a similar situation but the difference is I have permission on the computer, have admin rights and know all the passwords. My problem is simple. I have a work laptop that was on a domain. I travel frequently and thus use the laptop for work and personal (email and such). However, one of my savvy children managed to play around and change the domain to a workgroup and then didn't change back before closing the system information screen. (I don't even know what a workgroup is) so I can no longer log on as the log on screen says the user name / domain and password are incorrect. I am running Windows XP Service Pack 2 with a Dell computer. I have ability to get into the BIOS settings, change admin passwords and so forth. But I cannot get into the computer as the domain was changed. My other problem is the IT department is closed for holiday shutdown until the first week of Jan and I am working remote so am not near my company's IT department so cannot bring it in. Is there a way to get into the computer and change the domain name back (i know the domain name) or will I have to find a way to remove all the files and then reformat the drive? I have searched the net and this site for any related answers and I suspect I may be out of luck. I thought I could boot from a CD instead but would that bypass the logon? And I don't have a boot disk - can I download that from the net? I have a huge project I need to complete and am in dire straits here . Sorry for the long post.

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    Re: Domain name changed to workgroup, cannot log in to laptop

    The only way to join it to the domain is to connect it to the company network. You will need to discuss this with your IT staff.
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