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    I need to obtain one of my childrens microsoft passwords to get into the computer. Can someone please help! Thanks so much, Crystal.

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    What operating system is on the target machine?
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      I guess that would be windows. Sorry i dont know a lot about computers.


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        does anyone have any ideas?


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          Are you trying to login to the computer? What does the screen say?


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            its the windows log in screen. It gives mom, dad, kids, etc, etc. then you click on one of the names, enter your password and then windows comes up but i dont know my oldest sons password and feel he may be doing things online that would or could be bad. I am the administrator but i have went through all the options and cant find anything. Thanks for any and all help.


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              I assume you don't want him to know that you're checking up on him, as you haven't just asked him for his password.

              As you're the Administrator, you can get access to his files, thus being able to see what he's doing, assuming he doesn't clear them down after he's finished.

              You could also install software that can restrict what sites he is able to visit