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XP machine suddenly demands a password

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  • XP machine suddenly demands a password

    We’ve been using a Compaq desktop (at home) for more than four years with no admin account and no passwords. When bringing Windows (xp) up we get the Welcome displayed on the left side of the screen and the computer name on the right. Clicking on the computer name always allowed Windows to finish loading. We were surprised to be stopped by a message that the username and password did not match. . I did some googling and discovered the F8 thing on boot up to get to a “hidden” Administrator account which supposedly requires no password. Trouble is, clicking it ALSO returns that same message. Odd. I googled some more and found this site (fortunately) and I can hardly wait to try out one of the free downloads to find what the system “THINKS” the passwords are.

    However, since there isn’t supposed to be any passwords to begin with, I’m concerned that something else is going on here. Has anyone an idea why a machine would suddenly start demanding a password? I’ve been running Norton antivirus and Webroot Spy Sweeper all along, but I guess it’s possible that something bad just slipped in and corrupted the logon. Thoughts?

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    Re: XP machine suddenly demands a password

    The "hidden" admin account can have a password as well just like any account.
    Are you 100% sure no-one has been playing with the machine?
    Have you tried the obvious passwords like the computer name again, password etc?
    Norton isn't a particularly good anti virus product so it is possible you have had your machine hijacked. Have a look at
    for password resets
    and then, once in, try scanning using an online scanner like Trend Micro's.

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