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Un-restricting web access with no Admin password...

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  • Un-restricting web access with no Admin password...

    Hi everyone. I am (relatively speaking) a lay person when it comes to PC related things.
    My Mum was given a laptop by a friend who used it for work previously. That sounds dodgy , but it wasn't, honest!!!!
    Her problem arises when she tries to access her external email accounts or do some internet banking. I think the security is set to disallow this type of internet access and I can't reset it for her as I don't have the admin password... And the bloke who passed it on can't remember or can't be bothered to find out
    When she first got the laptop I managed to establish a guest profile and password, so she can get in to use the internet and all the programs, but the former is restricted.
    Can anyone advise me as simply as possible what i should do to allow her free reign on accessing websites? I'd really appreciate a hand, the alternative is buying her a new one -

    AL x

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    Re: Un-restricting web access with no Admin password...

    Originally posted by Azurite Lazuli
    the alternative is buying her a new one -
    There is always the option to re-format and re-install, no?

    Did you try my Forgot Administrator Password article? See links on the announcement message.

    Daniel Petri
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      All you need to do is boot up into Safe Mode, then create a new user account (you'd probably want an Administrative account for her) then BAM! Then just copy all the files from her old account with the new account, ONTO the new account, then delete the old account and your set.


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        Hmm you probably dont want to give her an admin account cause when she gets on the net and strats getting popups and spyware asking to be installed... she will be able to!! And its only a matter of time when you will need to format the PC and start again!!

        Remember the Microsoft way is usually the right way (in this case, teach elevating priviliges... a valuable lesson lots of people could learn!)
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