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Repaired existing XP istal. & now don"t have accounts

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  • Repaired existing XP istal. & now don"t have accounts

    Hi this is my first post & I have first question.
    First sorry for my bad english.
    2nd like in title but i now only have Admin. to log in but i don"t know pass because i didn"t set it at all.
    I was having 3 accounts before repairing existing instalation of Win XP and was repairing previous instalation because Daemon tools was screwed up my computer. It was restarting all the time & won"t go into safe mode. Only last known good configuration was working fine. But when win. starts it searches for new device driver (raid disk) wich is not HW there. I could not uninstal it because comp. is restarting ( only last known... ).

    Sooo, I repaired existing instalation & that was what hapened.
    Could You help me restore my files from all 3 acc"s?

    P.S. I forget to say that I already tried Yours pass recovery sw & it didn"t work for me. Still Can"t acces the accounts. Only one account & that is Administrator (and have no pass for it). And it shows, when I try to log in (whatever name of the acc.),
    that acc. doesn"t exist.

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    Re: Repaired existing XP istal. & now don"t have accounts

    Can you write down exactly the steps you took to "repair" the installation?

    Please read this before you post:

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