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Loss of Administrator rights

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  • Loss of Administrator rights

    Hi guys,

    I'm desperately needing help.

    Apparently, I've been changed from an Administrator to a Limited Account user by a family member. Something else (I think) has been done to disable me from making any changes, including creating myself a password, changing anything via lusrmgr.msc, Local Users and Groups.

    This has resulted in assessibility for my sister to this limited account and I'm irritated by the fact that she has been meddling with things in my account, including saved passwords and etc.

    Currently faced problems:
    #1 Inaccessibility to any accounts, including the hidden Administrator (I think it's disabled and/or the password is changed)
    #2 Inaccessibility to documents in any other account except the limited account.
    #3 Unable to change passwords for any account even with Local Users and Groups.
    #4 I meet with the "System error 5" or "Access denied".

    I'm currently using a XP Pro Sp2. I would be glad to have for any help available for me to change any one of the Administrator account passwords. Thank you.

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    Re: Loss of Administrator rights

    Who owns the computer? They should be able to give you the rights that they allow.

    Administrator is not hidden in XP Pro so it may have been renamed.

    You can go through password reset procedures as per

    Please read this before you post:

    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?


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      Re: Loss of Administrator rights

      Please bear in mind that we cannot be seen to assist you gaining access that you are not entitled to. If this is your PC, then go ahead and use the link posted by my honourable colleague above. If this computer belongs to the person who has changed your account, then they are at liberty to make any changes to it they wish. If the PC belongs to a parent, then it is up to them to arbitrate.

      At the end of the day, please use the CORRECT method to gain access; don't bludgeon your way in.

      For my own and your protection, I do not provide support by private message under any circumstances. All such messages will be deleted and ignored.

      Anything you say will be misquoted and used against you