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New HDD - Cant Log On

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  • New HDD - Cant Log On

    Edit #2: SORTED !

    Problem was my copy software wasn't making a 'true' clone.
    Different copy prog. No Problem apart from Windows asking me to re-activate because of major hardware changes - Whose machine is it anyway

    Not quite sure if this is the correct forum, but here it is:

    I was / am running a striped RAID configuration, I cloned (I think !) the two striped RAID disks to a new, larger HDD. I then re-configured the RAID to 'mirror' style, installed the new HDD, used the RAID setup to copy that to yet another (New) HDD.

    The boot-up recognises the 'mirror' config, and the Windows OS boot appears, followed by the XP boot. (There are no other HDD for it to get confused with.)

    This is then followed by the 'Classic' Log On screen for my user (admin) a/c. It fails on password (There isn't one !) - it quickly flashes through loading / saving personal settings before failing. It doesn't matter what log on options I try, it always ends up at the 'Classic' which I can't get past !

    If I put the 'old' HDD back, the previous 'Stripe' config is recognised and everything proceeds as expected. (Thats how I'm typing now )

    What have I missed

    Edit 1:

    Almost forgot, Windows says it's closing down, but unless I've gone in using 'Safe' Mode it just hangs.Edit

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    Your post is not related to this forum, however it seems like your mess is because of some hardware inconsistencies. I don't know which one exactly, but in these cases I usualy end up formatting and reinstalling. This is sometimes the fastest way around these kind of problems.

    Daniel Petri
    Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services


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      I'm not sure if i got it....
      can you login localy? click options and select local...
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