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  • Server Admin Passed on

    Ok, I work for a computer company that fixes, repairs, builds ect. There is another company in the area that it's owner/administrator passed away. His wife brought his system to us to basically break into it. Well he did his job well. I've tried our ERD commander on it and no go. We've gotten three of the four open now, but the 4th is the domain controller. He has disabled the local accounts and only the domain accounts are accessable. Therefore ERD commander cannot see any accounts. I've read your page on forgot administrator password and one about resetting domain password but they both say that I need a local account to fix it. And that is exactly how I got into the other three systems. This is windows server 2000. I have not tried as of yet the resetting domain passwords info but wanted to sent this to get the ball rolling. I'm trying that directly after I send this. Hopefully it works but if not, hopefully you'll have other ideas for me. Thanks

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    Sounds interesting. Let us know what you found. If the described methods don't work, you might need to try a brute force attack.

    Daniel Petri
    Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services


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      Ok new problem. It seems as though using a PCI raid control throws a monkey wrench into detecting drives. I've tried both floppy and cd from
      and can't seem to get either to work. I do have the drivers for the raid controller, which I needed when using ERD commander. I'll keep reading to see if I missed something but any suggestions?


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        Maybe try this

        Try booting it with Knoppix, I know that works for some things, maybe it will work here to. Well that is all I have right now :P