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Offline NT password editor *gasp* not working!

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  • Offline NT password editor *gasp* not working!

    Okay. I have vista. I can't get into my admin account. I do have a regular user account set up, so i have internet access, but no downloading/parental controls are on. I can burn cd's though. I am also able to transfer things from other computers via flash drive. I tried orphcrack, which only cracked my regular user account and not the admin account (strong password including a ss#.) So now after getting the offline nt editor, I figured everything was all good. I burned the iso, i booted from the cd, everything was working fine and dandy until....STEP 2!

    So, it asks me for the correct registry path
    it's already there so I hit enter... but, instead of moving on to the elusive password reset option, I get this:

    EXPAND: [Ww] [Ii] [Nn] [Dd] [Oo] [Ww] [Ss] / [Ss] [Yy] [Ss] [Tt] [Ee] [Mm] [3] [2] / [Cc] [Oo] [Nn] [Ff] [Ii] [Gg]:

    What is the path to the windows system registry? (relative to the windows disk)

    And so on and so on...

    Oh, and the only way out of it is ctrl alt delete or a hard shutdown.

    Help me obi wan ke-Daniel-Petri-or-anyone-who-knows-about-this, you(all) are my only hope(s)