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DSR password on Win2K3 Server

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  • DSR password on Win2K3 Server

    I have a win2k3 AD DC with a changed admin password that nobody knows - great! A guy I had working here has left and doesn't know it either! I'm sure this is a familiar story!

    I've used the password reset utility (bd050303) to boot the win2k3 AD server, it boot's the Linux image okay and load's the appt RAID drivers to access the disks. In effect the utility seems to work fine but then when I boot into DSR mode the DSR password is not set. There is an error when initally mounting the selected volume - but then it seems to write the changes okay - any idea's ? I have tried mounting both partitions in the mirrored set and making the same changes, and realise that this won't effect the AD domain admin password but thought that once the DSR password had been reset I would be able to load "net user" as a service (instsrv srvany) and change the AD password.

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    So basically you're trying to set the local admon password and fail? Did you try any of the other options? If you want, you can also load an NTFS for DOS floppy, copy the local SAM and SYSTEM registry hive, and crack them by using a 3rd party software such as this one:

    Daniel Petri
    Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services