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create cleared password for SBS 2003

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  • create cleared password for SBS 2003

    Hi All,

    I've been trawling thru the forums here looking for help on getting access to a Windows 2003 Small Business Server. The guy who ows it left it out of use for so long that he's forgotten the administrator password.

    I found a password resetting util, which I've used before on XP machines, that allows you to clear the admin pass, but doing so didn't let me login. I then tried EBCD in order to put in a password, incase SBS didnt like having a blank password, but that wouldn't let me enter a new pass. It said somthing about there not being enough space for it to put in a password due to it being blank. (I think it would need to re-hash existing data, and just doesnt cope with trying to create one and fit it in, if there isnt one already)

    I've then tried resetting the domain admin pass ( ), but because it wouldnt let me log in under anything other than Directory Service Restore Mode, the command wont execute.

    After that I've tried the LOGON.SCR trick to give me a command prompt to use (lovely trick btw), but that's not letting me change the administrator password either. When I type NET USERS, it shows "Administrator Tmpl", but not Administrator, thus trying to change the pass returns that the username is not found. When I try and change the pass of one of the users that is shown, it returns "System error 5 has occurred. Access is denied". I guess this is Micro$oft stopping the trick from working.

    Please could anyone suggest any other ways I can reset the administrator password, or add one, so I can login again? (please dont make me wipe it, as its installed onto a SCSI RAID hd system, and I dont have the RAID drivers floppy disk )

    Thanks v much,


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    Re: create cleared password for SBS 2003

    You can get the drivers. This machine is toast.

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      Re: create cleared password for SBS 2003

      Is there any data etc on this machine that is needed or has the machine been sitting idle and you now want to put it back to use?

      When you used EBCD, did you use a complex password?

      Found this
      It has a Demo version but that will not work on your machine. You would need to purchase the Professional version for your purposes. I have never used this product but if you are desperate enough to shell out the $$$ and buy the product (though I would contact them first to see if it will work on SBS 2003), could you please post back here and let us know how or if it worked. That would be greatly appreciated.
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