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forgot admin, but have another admin account

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  • forgot admin, but have another admin account


    so i forgot my admin account's password, but i have another account on the same windows instance w/ admin rights. i can view the entire file system no problem.

    how can i get my admin account's password back? i dont want to reset it, i want to actually get it.

    (why? because im working w/ virtual machine & its clone -- the clone has important files on it that i can only retrieve by logging in as Administrator; i deleted its other account before trying the admin. but, if i can retrieve its admin password for its twin VM, then i can go back to it and login there, too...presto!)

    thanks! i will post a solution if i find one as well.

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    Re: forgot admin, but have another admin account

    There are many ways to reset it if you do not know it...
    there are some softwares if it were some other programs ( like see password)

    have a look in the below post as well

    A third method might be to use third party tools, such as PC Beginner Utility, it can recover NT System PAsswords, I
    REMOVED BY MOD ( I know Daniel do not like 3th party software adds

    and if you got any XP password issue you can also check this link

    hope that help
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      Re: forgot admin, but have another admin account


      Do search through this forum for posts on LoginRecovery and how to make that service work for you for "free". I'll be in most of the later threads with bits on how to extract you hash, etc.

      cemarzu's remaining link mentions ophcrack. Obviously that author had better luck with it than I. I like Cain and Abel but it is only part of the password recovery solution.

      Just for your understanding, if you want to recover the password and the target system has the old LM hashes in place and this is not a domain controller, the process is to extract the hash from the SAM (Security Accounts Manager) and then do a reverse lookup in pre-built RainbowCrack tables to find the password (in two 7-character pieces -- all uppercase). Then you do a brute-force attack on that using upper and lower case letters (several seconds since you're already in range of the password).

      A full set of RainbowCrack tables for A-Z, 0-9, special characters and space is in the 50 GB +/- range and requires a number of machines over many months to build. LoginRecovery has such a set of tables.

      I'm looking through my posts and think this is probably a good starting point:


      Best of luck


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