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Recovering from a forgotten Windows Vista User account passowrd

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  • Recovering from a forgotten Windows Vista User account passowrd

    I'm a technical support agent and I have been getting calls about people forgetting their windows vista user account passwords. Most of the time we would convince the caller to just reformat the system but some would be against it as they have very important stuff on the computer. Level 2 support was able to find a way for windows vista users to recover from a forgotten windows vista password. The process is a bit tedious but I have done this process several times already over the phone and it just works. you can find the instructions on my blog at

    1. Boot from the OS cd

    2. On the language settings screen, click the appropriate language in the Language to install list, click the appropriate time and currency format in the Time and currency format list, click the appropriate keyboard layout to use in the Keyboard or input method list, and then click Next.

    3. On the lower-left corner of the Install now screen, click Repair your computer.

    4. If the Windows Vista Setup program detects any problems on the computer, click No when the program displays the following message:

    Windows found problems with your computer’s startup options.

    Do you want to apply repairs and restart your computer?

    5. In the System Recovery Options window, under Operating System, click Windows Vista (TM) Version, even if this entry is already selected, and then click Next to display the Choose a recovery tool window. Choose Command Prompt.

    6. Type: c: (enter)

    7. Type: cd windows\system32 (enter)

    8. Type:echo ~takeown /f %1 /r /d y > TakeControlOf.cmd (enter)

    9. Type: echo ~icacls %1 /grant administrators:F /t (enter)

    10. Type: ren Magnify.exe Magnify.old (enter)

    11. Type: ren cmd.exe Magnify.exe (enter)

    12. Restart the computer

    13. Click the Ease button on the lower left of the screen

    14. Check the Make items on the screen larger (Magnifier) then click OK

    15. Type: net user Administrator /active:yes (enter) – capital A

    16. Type: exit (enter)

    17. Restart the computer

    18. Logon to the Administrator account

    19. Access the “User Accounts” then remove the password of the user account that is blocked

    20. LogOff then Access the account that was previously blocked to try if its accessible

    21. Goto “c:\windows\system32″

    22. Right click Magnify.exe -> properties -> Security -> Advanced -> Owner -> edit -> Administrators -> Ok

    23. Edit -> Administrators -> Full Control -> Apply -> Ok

    24. Rename Magnify.exe to cmd.exe

    25. Right click Magnify.old -> properties -> Security -> Advanced -> Owner -> edit -> Administrators -> Ok

    26. Edit -> Administrators -> Full Control -> Apply -> Ok

    27. Rename Magnify.old to Magnify.exe

    28. Launch Command Line

    29. Type: net user Administrator /active:no (enter)