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Need to find password AND username

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  • Need to find password AND username

    I am a recent college grad just starting out in the IT world. My first day on the job I was told the Admin name and password for server 2003 was changed by the previous guy. I have seen password cracking tools but don't know the Admin user ID . Is there a way to recover the changed name and password without reinstalling and losing Data. Thanks for the help guys I need it.

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    Re: Quick introduction

    Before this thread is moved and a ban applied, why did you post here in the Lounge with this password recover/password change question? Have you not looked through the site for a more suitable forum or read the Posting Rules?
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      Re: Quick introduction

      ...and while that is being decided, you can find out the user name of a Domain Admin account by listing (either using an AD tool or a CMD batch file) the members of the group "Domain Admins" - or if that does not give useful results, the members of the <domain>\BUILTIN\Administrators group. Members of these groups will have Domain Admin rights in that particular domain.

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