Hi all,

i am a stupid user who finally managed to forget the admin pw for windows XP.
i still have an other account, i have access, but the admin is "lost"

so i tried to reset the password, using the emergency boot cd.

After choosing option 5 in the first menu the script starts:

loading /boot/nrkernel.sys...........
loading /boot/nrinitrd.gz........................

BUT then there is an error:

PCI: cannot allocate resource region 3 of device 00.00.0
PCI: Device 00:1401 not availiable because of resource collisions

After a short break, the script continues:

#ln linuxrc...
#ln /etc/rc

starting shells on ....(and so on and so on)....
general setup complete

BUT then, it doesn't display me any volumes or partitions but some (i guess) nonsense like:

Probale NT partitions:


(and so on)

I then can not choose any partition and the suggestion is just an empty bracket []
No matter what i try to input the result is alway the same and ends with:

Mount failed! Unable to continue... try again!

Anyone got any idea or suggestion, how to solve the problem?
I was searching but couldn't find anything similar anywhere.
So i am deeply desperate about my stupidity and the inability to reset the pw.
i would be really greatfull for any help.

(and be aware, i am a noob, so explain it idiot proof )

Thx in advance