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W2K3 Domain Admin Password Reset Issue

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  • W2K3 Domain Admin Password Reset Issue

    I am trying to reset a domain admin password on a W2K3 domain controller. I have accessed the Directory services recovery console (boot in safe mode) and once done i have used robert stroms script. all the files are loaded locally on the server and i have edited the username and password.

    The script runs perfectly, no errors and everything appears fine but when i reboot i still cannot login.

    Anybody suggest what could be going wrong? I really need to get in to the system. i would be willing to pay for a commercial tool if i could be guaranteed it would work. ERD commander is no longer available.

    To be clear i have the local admin password and the Directory services password now i just need the Domain admin password

    all help much appreciated

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    Re: W2K3 Domain Admin Password Reset Issue

    further update:

    I have also tried opthcrack live cd which is a slax linux bootable image which couldn't find any hashes but i know that there are hashes.

    has anyone else used this script from the site. the only thing i can think of is that i needed to set a completely new password as maybe the password i gave which was the same as the local admin has already been used and is prevented by the GPO on password history (probably set to 5)

    Again has anyone a good experience with a commercial tool


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      Re: W2K3 Domain Admin Password Reset Issue

      Have you tried the manual process (vs. Strom's script)? URL included for others:


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