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Lost pwd on laptop, need d/l W2K CD (was: Password problem)

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  • Lost pwd on laptop, need d/l W2K CD (was: Password problem)

    Hi all

    I have an old laptop (Windows 2000) and i've done something to it so that now when i start up the computer and go the log on page the adminstrator is the user and the password section is already completed, but it won't log on, it says it's the wrong password. Also my own personal account doesn't work either.

    Does anybody have any suggestions how i could remedy this?

    I'd consider reinstalling Windows, but i haven't got the CD. Would this be downloadable anywhere? There is nothing of any importance on the computer so loosing everything, wouldn't be a problem.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Re: Password problems

    No, there isn't anywhere you can download the CD. If you have the windows key, you can borrow someone else's CD, as the license is attached to the key.
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