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Need win2k assistance

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  • Need win2k assistance

    Alright guys, this is the situation.

    My friend has 2 computers, her story is as follows:
    "I just turned it off one day because it locked up on me, and then when I turned it back on, it had a password box that I didn't( or she doesn't remember) setting!"

    so I brought it into my IT class to see if I can get around it and reset it, but we can't.

    it's an old compaq tower running windows 2000, not sure about more then that. We tried using The Ultimate Boot Disk on it, but for some reason the keyboard refused to respond, and since the mouse is USB attached, we can't use the mouse, so we're forced to tab around the password boxes. I've tried everthing I know, and my friend has too, but she still doesn't remember the password. She's had to use her win98 computer in place of it and she hates it.

    I've googled, asked, and yahoo'd multiple times trying to find a fix for it, but nothing I find I really wanna trust, one site said to get an ISO image on a floppy and it'll get the registry, then you put it in an internet enabled computer and it sends it to them and they send me the unhashed pass...I don't really trust this at all, who knows what else they're pulling off the computer.

    I also found out I can use a Linux CD and use it to get into the registry, and edit the password, but neither me nor my teacher are that familiar with linux to do so.

    There are several other "password breakers" I found, but I don't really trust them to much, I don't want to do anything that could make her lose her files in anyway, she has alot of old pics of her friends and some family members(one of which is now deceased so she really wants to get those off it) and I don't want to get rid of those.

    So, any advice/tricks/tips? I'm up for anything if I can just get a little help.

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    Re: Need win2k assistance

    Well then, if you don't know or don't trust anything, then why post on this site?

    What advise do you want us to give you?

    1) Use one of the tools you don't like.

    2) Use one of the tools you don't trust.

    3) Use one of the tools you have no knowledge of (tip - you don't need to know Linux in order to reset your password).

    4) Try hard to remember what the password is.

    5) Format the computer and install a fresh OS.

    Good luck.

    Daniel Petri
    Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services


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      Re: Need win2k assistance

      Since the USB mouse doesn't seem to work, try temporarily replacing it with a PS/2 or a Serial Mouse.
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        Re: Need win2k assistance

        I've reset the admin password before on a Windows XP with a bootable ISO CD, and had no problems.
        You may also want to try Hiren's Boot CD, it has tons of apps, and I trust most of them.