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Tried EBCD and Petter Nordahl's editor

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  • Tried EBCD and Petter Nordahl's editor

    When I try either of these password editors it appears to work. I see my list of local user accounts and I type in a new password. Save changes and restart.

    I'm just testing to make sure the programs work first so I do have access to the computer in question. The password does get changed using these utilities but you cannot login. After logging in using my admin account I get an error message on the properties of the user account in MMC local users and groups. Unable to reset password but I can go into the control panel, User accounts and reset password here which seems to fix the account.

    Something is breaking my credentials using these tools.

    Is there an updated tool that works for XP SP2 or am I missing something?


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    Re: Tried EBCD and Petter Nordahl's editor

    Did you try resetting to a blank / empty password? That seems to do the trick for some folks.


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