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Password promlem on XP

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  • Password promlem on XP

    I recieved a PC from my wife's work. She won it in a raffle. So we get it home and it sits. Today I set it up and it's password enabled. I cannot get in to this thing for the life of me. I sat there for an while trying to crack the password and thought to myself ''What an idiot.'' . It was free and I want to use it so what can I do?

    So to repeat and make the query clear.

    I have a PC that has a password default that does not allow me to access the desktop of the system. And I tried cntrl + alt + delete.. I also tried to load software on to it and that didn't work either. I had my wife call her work and they said that they couldn't tell us. I'm at a loss..

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    Re: Password promlem on XP

    Please read the stickies in the Forgot Administrator Password forum

    BTW - it is pretty bad practice to not at least reformat (zeroing out the HDD would be better) the computer before it leaves the company. You can pass that one along free of charge

    Moved thread to Forgot Administrator Password forum.

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      Re: Password promlem on XP

      Is this a laptop PC or a desktop PC?
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        Re: Password promlem on XP

        User Spartan11 was banned because if personal insults to me. Sending such a message is a sure way to get noticed:

        This is the most difficult site I've ever been on I just want to ask a question. Where do I got to ask a question? Where is the section where I get my question answered?????
        Then, a day later:

        I figured it out smart ass! Isn't this site set up for people to get help? Maybe and this is just an idea ''Smartest man alive'' you should set it up so us lower level thinkers can figure it out.. On all other sites if you want to ask a question or ''post'' a question you would look for POST. What makes your site soooo unique? I'm guessing nothing... Oh, and thank you for the detailed advice Jerkov....
        Thread locked, user banned, IP banned, email address banned. Good luck elsewhere.

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