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  • Domain Admin Credentials

    Hi everybody,

    We are a large company (1500 + computers) and against all odds this weekend we had a very stressful situation. We were in the middle of creating a new local dc for the new offices. The IT manager assigned this issue, installed everything, configured the user accounts, locked out the local administrator account (standard issue) and left the company in a rather childish way.

    So, we now have a fully configured server, running, but we cannot access the local domain unless we have the password he (the running it manager) is unwilling to provide due to circumstances outside our control.

    We have tried every solution out there, free and paid and also followed the steps yuou suggested at
    but at reboot we got the message that there was a problem with the settings and a cached mode settings would be used. It made no difference, booting in safe mode or Directory Service Restore Mode.

    Is there any other way you can think of to get control of the box? Or add a new account with administrative previleges?

    We can format and install everything again but there's a suite of programs that need to be installed by the supplier and it is a very slow and tedius procedure so we want to avoid it...


    Windows server 2003 Small Business Edition
    Local domain - Not integrated yet with main Domain

    Thank you in advance for reading this.