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  • Administrator password

    HI Guys

    My Problam is

    I set 2 userts acounts for windows and i remember only 1 of them and the other 1i cant remember his user name and password is the administrator user acount and now i cant install any thing or open anything i almost have no authorization to do any thing with my PC.

    I try to format the computer but he give me Error code 7.

    I even try to resture to 1 month befure it hapand but he give me this Msg i must be Administrator to do this. i got no authorization to fix my PC.

    I try from the Computer Management to chang pass and he wont let me.
    I got no idea what to do any more. i cant even format my PC.

    and wors then all i may have some virus or something that make my PC so slow that any thing i try to do like open some file or get to the net take me long time
    like now tooke him more then 10 minuts so i press on the shorcut and went to watch tv untill the PC do that.

    I hope you guys got beter ideas then what i have try becouse i dont any more.
    I will appreciate any attempt you got to let me try that can help me.


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    Re: Administrator password

    There is a specific forum for this question.

    Reported to forum mods for moving.