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need help with offline nt password editor

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  • need help with offline nt password editor

    I have read everything in Petter's instructions and faq and read through the forums here and I'm still stuck. Here's what I've gotten so far (using a Windows 2000 Professional machine):

    I used winimage to put the several files onto a USB flashdrive (the computer I need to change the password on doesn't have a CD drive attached).

    I attach the USB drive and start the computer. I press <esc> to bring up the Boot Menu with choices:
    1. Removable Device
    2. Hard Drive
    3. CD ROM/DVD Drive
    Enter Setup

    If I choose "Enter Setup" it asks for a password, which I don't have. If I choose "1. Removable Device" (which I'm assuming is the flash drive) it goes to the "Starting Windows" Screen and if I do nothing, it comes to the logon screen which I don't have the password for. If I press <F8> I come to the "Windows 2000 Advanced Options Menu". I thought I had it made here, but none of these options seems to do anything either. Here are the options:
    Safe Mode
    Safe Mode with Networking
    *Safe Mode with Command Prompt
    *Enable Boot Logging
    Enable VGA Mode
    Last Known Good Configuration
    *Directory Services Restore Mode
    *Debugging Mode
    Boot Normally

    I have tried the options I marked with a "*", but every time it just brings me to a logon screen.

    Is there some other magic F-key to press after I have selected to boot from the removable device? Does what is happening suggest that my USB drive doesn't have the right files? I'm not ever getting an error message, I just always end up at the hated logon screen! Any help is much appreciated!