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Recover admin password on SBS2003 with dynamic disks

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  • Recover admin password on SBS2003 with dynamic disks

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    I'm wondering if any more thought has been put into this. I'm having the same problem now (also caused by my own stupidity, except this is a client's machine and not my own.... docu-what?). Machine is SBS 2003. Need to recover the local administrator password and the domain administrator password. I tried running Petter's tool which has worked great for me in the past but it says it can't find any nt partitions -- indeed, they are marked as SFS rather than NTFS so it doesn't know what to do. Any other ideas about this? To further complicate things, the server is physically four states away from me so I have to even do console things remotely. I do have a "power user" account available on the server, but there doesn't seem to be too much I can do with it. Thanks.
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    Re: Recover admin password on SBS2003 with dynamic disks

    Please don't hijack old threads. It is frowned upon in these parts.

    1) Do you even have Dynamic Disks (the key piece of the old thread)?

    2) Have you reviewed this?

    How are you running something like Nordahl's disk remotely?

    Have you tried the 2006 version of Peter's disk (w/out Vista / SFS support)? Peter also gives a link to a DOS port of CHNTPW near the bottom of his page.

    There are several similar solutions out there using BartPE or equivalent. Search this forum.

    It would certainly be a lot easier if you had the machine next to you.


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